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Why choose Heritage Tours by Seitz Travel?

From the major cities to the charming ancestral towns off the beaten path, our heritage tour itineraries have been honed and crafted especially you.  Our heritage tours are unique and custom to the people of Louisiana.  You will visit the small towns and villages of your ancestors as well as famous landmarks.

What are Seitz Travel's credentials?  

Cynthia and Roy are both members of CLIA and IATA and have studied tour management at the International Tour Management Institute.

What heritage tours does Seitz Travel currently offer?

Currently, Seitz Travel offers the following heritage tours: 

ACADIAN HERITAGE TOUR - ACADIAN TOUR DE FRANCE (France):  This is an Acadian heritage tour to the places in France where our Acadian/Cajun ancestors lived. We start off in Paris. We will visit La Chaussée, Loudun, Martaize, Aulnay, Richelieu, Pludhien, Belle Île en Mer, La Rochelle, St Servan, St. Malo, St. Suliac, Juno Beach, Omaha Beach, Benny En Mer, Brouage, Archigny, Nantes, the Acadian Line, Chatellerault and Mont St. Michel. 

Acadian Heritage Tour Dates: Coming Soon!

MALAGUENOS HERITAGE TOUR (Malaga, Spain):  This heritage tour was curated especially for those whose ancestors settled New Iberia, Louisiana under Governor Bernardo Galvez when Louisiana was under Spanish rule.  We will visit Malaga, Spain and the surrounding areas that were important in our Malaguenos history.

Malaguenos Heritage Tour Dates: June 28-July 7, 2022

CANARY ISLAND HERITAGE TOUR (Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain): This heritage tour is offered for those whose ancestors came to Louisiana under Bernardo Galvez to fight in the American Revolution as well as those whose ancestors settled San Antonio, Texas.  We will visit the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. 

Canary Island Heritage Tour Dates:  August 31-September 15, 2022

GERMANS OF THE GERMAN COAST HERITAGE TOUR (Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland):  This heritage tour was created for those whose ancestors came to Louisiana under the recruitment of John Law and settled along the banks of the Mississippi River. 

Germans of the German Coast Heritage Tour Dates:  May 11-29, 2022

SICILIAN HERITAGE TOUR (Sicily):  This heritage tour will take you to the gorgeous island of Sicily off the coast of Italy.  We will visit major cities in Sicily as well as the small ancestral towns and villages of our ancestors. 

Sicilian Heritage Tour Dates:  Coming Soon!

Can I visit an ancestral town, not on our heritage tour itinerary?

If you have an ancestral town you want to visit that is not on our heritage tour itinerary, we will make every effort to take you there if it is practical to do so.  If we cannot fit it into our itinerary, we can make arrangements for you to add a visit to this town at the beginning or end of our tour.

Does Seitz Travel Heritage Tours provide an opportunity to do genealogical research on their tours?

Seitz Travel heritage tours do take our guests to the archives on each tour, however, because of the limited time we have at the archives, guests do not have time to do research.  We will take the names of ancestors you would like to have information on and the archivist will pull any information they may have and have it ready for us upon our arrival.  We cannot make any guarantees that you will discover pertinent information on your ancestors..  

Should I purchase travel insurance when I take a heritage tour?

Yes, if you are taking a heritage tour with us, you must purchase travel insurance.  

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