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Ancestry Tours

Seitz Travel offers ancestry tours that are custom made for the people of Lousiana.  We have carefully curated these ancestry tours to provide a unique heritage experience for each group.  Today Seitz Travel offers three unique ancestry tours and intends to add more ancestry tours each year unitil each unique heritage that makes up the fabric of Louisiana has been covered. At present, we offer the following ancestry tours: Canary Island Ancestry Tour, Malaguenos Ancestry Tour, Acadian Ancestry Tour, and Cajun Ancestry Tour.

Malaguenos Ancestry Tour

On June 1, 1778, eighty-two people from sixteen families boarded the Brigantine San Joséf sailed from Malaga for Louisiana.  These sixteen families were the first residents of New Iberia, Louisiana.   This Malaguenos Ancestry Tour is tailor-made especially for the Malaguenos of Louisiana.  If your ancestors hailed from Malaga, Spain, this is the ancestry tour for you!


This ancestry tour is guided by Jose Manuel De Molina of Malaga, Spain.  Jose Manuel De Molina is a historian and certified archivist.   He has written four books including a book on the history of the Malaguenos of Louisiana.  

If you would like more information on this ancestry tour, Please visit our Malaguenos Ancestry Tour page.

Canary Island Ancestry Tour

Our Canary Island Ancestry Tour is focused on Gran Canaria and Teneriffe, Spain.  Designed to hight light the history and towns of those Canary Islanders who were recruited by Bernardo Galvez to come to America to fight in the American Revolution.

For more information on this ancestry tour, please visit my page on the Canary Island Ancestry Tour.

Acadian Ancestry Tour

The Acadian Ancestry Tour, also known as Acadian Tour De France is an ancestry tour that takes you to the towns in France where Acadian/Cajun ancestors lived. On this ancestry tour, you will visit La Chausse, Loudun, Martaize, St. Survan, St. Suliac, St. Malo, La Rochelle, Belle Isle en Mer, D-Day Normandy Beaches and many more. More information on the Acadian Tour De France?  More Info

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