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Note. In attention to the fact that Rita Villatoro contracted marriage with Juan González, native of Alhaurín de la Torre, of nineteen years of age, he was included in this contract. Listing of families who sailed on the San Joséf

1st Family José de Lagos, native of Macharaviaya, age thirty-eight Juana Moreno, his wife, age thirty-one María de Lagos, daughter, age fourteen Salvador de Lagos, brother of José, age twenty-eight Tomás Grajales, nephew, age fifteen, in place of his cousin Miguel who died José Muñoz, nephew, age eighteen Bárbara Jurado, mother of José de Lagos, age fifty-five

2nd Family Juan López Riveros, native of Almáchar, age thirty-nine María Ruiz, his wife, native of Vélez Málaga, age thirty-five Félix López Riveros, son, age fourteen Rafael López Riveros, son, age one Francisca López Riveros, son, age eleven Josefa López Riveros, son, ocho años. Juana Fernández, mother of María Ruiz, age more than fifty

3rd Family José de Molina Postigo, widower, native of Macharaviaya, age fifty-eight Luis de Molina Postigo, son, age twenty-two Antonio de Molina Postigo, son, age twenty

4th Family Juan Garrido, native of Alhaurín de la Torre, resident of Málaga, age fifty Inés Maldonado, his wife, native of Pizarra, age thirty Juan Garrido, son, age two Sebastián de Villalba y Maldonado, son, age eight Catalina de Villalba y Maldonado, daughter, age ten

5th Family Julián de Aguilar, native of Málaga, age twenty-eight Francisca Durán, his wife, age twenty-six Francisco de Aguilar, son, age one Ana de Aguilar, daughter, age eight

6th Family Francisco Moreno, native of Málaga, age forty-six Ana Lorenza Mancebo, his wife, age forty Francisco Moreno, son, age fourteen Fernando Moreno, son, age twelve Ana Moreno, daughter, age sixteen Josefa Moreno, daughter, age sixteen María Moreno, daughter, age ten

7th Family Gonzalo de Prados, native of Málaga, age thirty-seven Teresa Guzmán, his wife, age thirty-eight Manuel de Prados, son, age fourteen Gertrudis de Prados, daughter, age nine Teresa de Prados, daughter, age three

8th Family Fernando Ibáñez, native of Los Caraveos, Burgos, resident of Málaga, age forty María Cabrera, his wife, native of Macharaviaya, age thirty-five Fernando Ibáñez, son, age seven José Ibáñez, son, age six Antonio Ibáñez, son, age two Bernardo Ibáñez, son, age one María Ibáñez, daughter, age four

9th Family Juan Miguez, native of San Salvador de Febra, Tuy, resident of Málaga, age thirty Salvadora de Quero, his wife, native of Málaga, age twenty-five José Miguez, son, age twelve Salvador Miguez, son, age one José de Porras, cousin, native of Cártama, age forty

10th Family Sebastián de Segura, native of Málaga, age twenty-eight Antonia de Castilla, his wife, age twenty-four Francisco de Segura, son, age two

11th Family José de Artacho, native of Torrox, age thirty-seven Francisca Villegas, his wife, age thirty-five Gregorio de Artacho, son, age fourteen Cristóbal de Artacho, son, age two María de Artacho, daughter, age six

12th Family Teresa Gómez, widow, native of Alhaurín de la Torre, age forty-six Antonio Villatoro y Gómez, son, age nineteen Francisco Villatoro, nephew, age twenty-one Juana Villatoro y Gómez, daughter, age eleven Juan González, son-in-law, native of Alhaurín de la Torre, age nineteen Rita Villatoro y Gómez, daughter, wife of Juan, age fifteen María Villatoro y Gómez, daughter, age thirteen

13th Family Francisco de Ortiz, native of Mijas, age thirty Francisca Blanco, his wife, age thirty-one Juan de Ortiz, son, age two Catalina Ortiz, daughter, age six

14th Family Miguel Romero, native of Castuera, Badajoz, resident of Málaga, age forty María Grano, his wife, native of Málaga, age thirty José Romero, son, age fourteen Juan Romero, son, age four Antonio Romero, son, age one

15th Family Juan Solano, native of Alhaurín el Grande, resident of Málaga, age fifty-five Félix García, son-in-law, native of Granada, age thirty Isabel Solano, daughter, wife of Félix García, age twenty-six José García Solano, grandson, age six Félix García Solano, grandson, age two

16th Family Bernardo de Puentes, native of Macharaviaya, age thirty-one Ana Barroso, wife, native of Algeciras, age twenty-eight María de Puentes, daughter, age two Second

Transcription by Norman F. Carnahan

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