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Hi am Cynthia Seitz

I was born and raised on the bayous of south Louisiana.  An interest in my Cajun heritage began at a young age prompting me to start digging into my family history and putting together my family tree.  In doing so I  realized I was not just Cajun but that I had Spanish, Italian, Irish, and German blood running through my veins as well. This new information sparked a fascination within me about the origins of the other immigrant groups living in Louisiana.   
My mission is to provide custom ancestry tours to the motherlands of the various ethnic groups of the people of Louisiana.  I am currently offering an ancestry tour for July of 2020 to Malaga, Spain for the Malaguenos that settled in the New Iberia area.  This ancestry tour is called the Malaguenso Heritage Tour.  The dates for this tour are July 1-8, 2020.   
We also have an ancestry tour to the Canary Islands which is scheduled October 2-17, 2020 and our Acadian Tour de France which is an Acadian Heritage Tour / Cajun Heritage Tour will be held May 23-June 5 2020.  Please contact me if you are interested in any of these ancestry tours.
I have more ancestry tours coming soon for Italians, Irish, and Germans of the German Coast, to name a few. It is my goal to provide all Louisianians with an opportunity to visit the homelands of their ancestors. 
I have a BA in Education and a Minor in French from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  After teaching school for many years, my love for travel and the histories of the people groups of  Louisiana moved me to make a career change, which brings me to where I am now.


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