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Heritage Tours

Discover the roots of Louisiana with Seitz Travel! Our carefully curated heritage tours are designed just for you, unveiling the unique ancestry of our vibrant state. Each of our 6 distinct tours offers a different heritage experience, with the promise of more to come. Dive into the past and learn about the cultures that have woven the diverse tapestry of Louisiana today.

At present, we offer the following ancestry tours: Canary Island Heritage Tour, Malaguenos Heritage Tour, Acadian Ancestral Tour De France, and Congres Mondail Acadien, European Origins of the German Coast of Louisiana, and Sicilian Heritage Tour (coming soon).

Malaguenos Heritage Tour

Journey with us on the Malaguenos Ancestry Tour, specially designed for the descendants of the first residents of New Iberia, Louisiana. Uncover your Spanish roots, tracing your lineage back to the heart of Malaga, Spain. This unique journey is more than just an adventure, it's a quest to rediscover your history!


This heritage tour is accompanied by Malaguenos of Louisiana expert Jose Manuel De Molina of Malaga, Spain.  Jose Manuel De Molina is a historian and certified archivist.   He has written four books including a book on the history of the Malaguenos of Louisiana.  

If you would like more information on this ancestry tour, Please visit our Malaguenos Ancestry Tour page.

Canary Island Heritage Tour

Come along on a thrilling journey with our Canary Island Ancestry Tour, highlighting the unique history of Gran Canaria and Teneriffe, Spain. Discover the vibrant towns and rich heritage of the brave Canary Islanders who fought in the American Revolution and pioneered the settlement of San Antonio, Texas. This is your chance to walk in your ancestors' footsteps and delve into their captivating stories. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with your roots!

For more information on this ancestry tour, please visit my page on the Canary Island Ancestry Tour.

Acadian Ancestral Tour De France

The Acadian Ancestry Tour, also known as Acadian Tour De France is an ancestry tour that takes you to the towns in France where Acadian/Cajun ancestors lived. On this ancestry tour, you will visit La Chausse, Loudun, Martaize, St. Survan, St. Suliac, St. Malo, La Rochelle, Belle Isle en Mer, D-Day Normandy Beaches and many more. More information on the Acadian Ancestral Tour De France? 

European Origins of the German Coast of Louisiana

Embrace a thrilling journey to your past with our specially curated German Heritage Tour. Designed for descendants of the German Coast of Louisiana, this tour is your chance to trace your ancestry back to Switzerland, France, and Germany. Uncover the stories of your forebears, from their migration after the 30 years war to their journey to Louisiana with John Law and the East India Company. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with your roots!


Join us on the adventure of a lifetime with our German Heritage Tour! Journey through the picturesque landscapes of Germany's southwest, France's Grand Est region, and the serene locales of Switzerland, tracing the roots of many historical journeys. This remarkable tour promises an unforgettable exploration of these enchanting lands, so seize the opportunity now! Click here for more information on the European Origins of the German Coast of Louisiana Tour.

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