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Updated 6/14/22

Terms and Conditions


Seitz Travel would like to offer a special opportunity to your organizations to raise money for your projects through our group tours, group cruises, Disney groups.  We offer heritage tours, which include, Acadian Heritage Tours, Canary Islander Heritage Tours, Malaguenos Heritage Tours, and Sicilian Heritage Tours.  We also offer ladies-only group tours to various parts of the world.  We can even put together a group cruise to the ports of your choosing or a Disney Trip.  To learn more about our heritage tours, please visit and to learn more about our ladies-only tours, please visit

I would be more than happy to come and speak to your organization about our frundraiser program.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Seitz Travel will pay your group 5% of the land portion of any group tour your organization sells in the heritage tour selections or ladies-only tour selections (Acadian Tours are excluded). 

2.  Seitz Travel will pay your group 50% of what our company earns in commissions on the cruise of your choosing. For example:If my commission on a cruise would be $200, then $100 would go to your organization.

3.  Seitz Travel will pay your group 50% of what our company earns in commissions on any Disney Vacation you would like us to plan in order for you to use as a fundraiser. 

4.  If you choose a cruise or Disney-themed trip as a fundraiser, Seitz Travel will be able to let you know what your earnings will be per booking in each cabin category or resort choice to ensure that you are earning what you expect. 

5.  Currently we offer a ladies-only cruise to the Mediterranean in September.  This cruise would be perfect if you would like to use this as a fundraiser.  If you sell 8 cabins with 16 guests total, you can earn one free spot!  This is perfect for your group if you are a group of ladies, this is perfect for you.

6. If you choose to participate in this program, Seitz Travel will provide you with a link in order for you to help market your fundraiser.  All bookings generated from this link will be credited to your organization.

7. Your group will be paid 30 days after the tour/cruise/Disney has been completed.

8.  Participants in the program will have until 3 months (90 days) before tour departure to get their tour bookings in and 2 months (60 days) before cruise departure to get their cruise bookings to Seitz Travel.

9.  You may not earn anything on our Acadian Heritage Tours as I work in conjunction with a third party to put these tours together.

10.  On our ladies-only tours there is a 28-guest limit per tour.  Once the tour reaches 28 guests, no more bookings will be accepted for that tour.  If the interest is overwhelming, we will consider making two tour dates to accommodate everyone.

11.  The terms and conditions may change at any time.  You will be responsible to come back to this page from time to time to review terms and conditions.

12.  If your organization choses to sell ancestry tours or ladies-only tours, your group will be rewarded one complimentary tour if you have sold 10 paid in full tours and all 10 of your guests travel.  You can choose any tour you would like as a complimentary tour.


If you are interested in our fundraisers, please contact Cynthia - 9859916178 or

If you are interested in our fundraiser opportunity, please fill out the form and Cynthia will contact you.

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