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CLAUDE BOUDREAU, your Acadian Tour Director: Claude is a passionate 12th generation Acadian.   The history of his ancestors has influenced his life, career choices, and travels. The diversity of the Acadian Diaspora fascinates him, and he enjoys helping Acadians, Cajuns, and French people to discover the places, the history, the culture of their heritage.  He was only 14 years old when he took his first school trip to France and was hooked ever since. His first trip to Louisiana was the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN in 1999.   Claude has a business background, an M.B.A. and 25 years experience in promoting education, culture, heritage & travel.   In addition to visiting several European countries, China, Cuba, Canada, the U.S., and Australia, he has been over 20 times to France and 12 times to Louisiana. He now lives in Memramcook, the Cradle of New Acadie and has double-duties as a director at the Société du Monument-Lefebvre since 2007 and more recently as owner and tour director of Les Voyages DiasporAcadie.


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