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ACADIAN TOUR DE FRANCE 2021 - Acadian Heritage Tour


Have you always dreamed of discovering the Acadian Diaspora, whether it be the country of your ancestors, the bayous of Louisiana or even the Acadian regions closest to you? With Voyages DiasporAcadie, it is now possible to live tailor-made experiences for you, in a cheerful and carefree environment! 

The DiasporAcadie difference is:

  • tailor-made cultural activities and experiences: music, food, history, architecture, dance;

  • visits to places, attractions and monuments of significance to the Acadian people;

  • personalized meetings with descendants and friends of Acadians in the countries visited;

  • visits to major tourist attractions in the destinations visited;

  • French and English speaking guides and guided tours;

  • educational information meetings on the destination, its inhabitants and its Acadian history before departure;

  • our road books - a colorful souvenir notebook (our travelers love them!);

  • trips at a pleasant pace with a festive, typically Acadian atmosphere;

  • an almost all-inclusive plan - no hidden fees;

  • special attention to all details;

  • and an ideal opportunity to travel and make friends with cousins ​​from across the Acadian Diaspora!

Claude and I will begin working soon on the itinerary and pricing for 2021.   If you want us to update you when we have more info, please fill out this form.

This unique Acadian ancestry tour is customized for passionate Acadians, Cajuns, and French descendants interested in learning about their French & Acadian heritage. The itinerary is specifically designed to visit and experience the most important Acadian and Cajun heritage sites in France.


We have planned every detail so you can travel in a relaxed, joyful, and worry-free environment. There will be many special dinners
and activities for you to enjoy at a leisurely pace.

-We’ve planned this trip for May, avoiding peak tourist season and enjoying beautiful spring weather.
-We will usually stay in hotels for 2 or 3 nights at a time.
-You will have some leisure time on your own to stroll the historic towns, have a coffee or a nice meal.
-Most mornings we will leave the hotel around 8:30 AM so you are not too rushed.

Cajun cousins ​​with us!

To enrich the experience of the Acadian Diaspora, we have francophone travelers from Acadia and Cajun travelers from Louisiana; the trip is offered in both French and English. The first language of the trip is French with English translation for Cajun travelers when needed. The friendships that are created and the atmosphere with the presence of the Cajuns add to the pleasure of the trip!

The package includes:

  • A unique program focusing on the history and culture of Acadians in France.

  • Bus transport in France during the stay.

  • Accompanied by an Acadian tour director (Claude Boudreau) and a French coordinator guide (Anne-Christine Martinot).

  • 12 nights accommodation at the hotel (note that hotel rooms in France are smaller than North American rooms).

  • All breakfasts and 15 other meals (total of 27 meals). Among these special meals:

    • Dinner at Acadian Farm no. 6 in Archigny with descendants of Acadians

    • Dinner on Slate at Château de la Gataudière

    • Festive dinner at Granny's Bistrot (La Rochelle)

    • Pancake lunch in the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany (Nantes)

    • Picnic seaside on the beach of Marennes

  • All taxes in France.

  • Tips for drivers, guides and waiters during program activities.

  • Entrance fees for attractions, activities and guided tours as described in the program:

    • The Chenonceau Museum (or another equivalent castle)

    • Customized tour of the Chaussée, Martaizé, Aulnay, Loudun

    • The Acadia House at La Chaussée

    • Custom tour of Châtellerault

    • The Acadian Line and the Acadian Farm Museum at Archigny

    • Custom tour of La Rochelle

    • Acadian visit of the Departmental Archives of La Rochelle

    • Guided tour of Brouages

    • Customized tour of Nantes and the Acadian fresco

    • A day in Belle-Île-en-Mer (ferry included)

    • Customized tour of Acadian villages along the Rance River (Plouër, Pleudihen, Saint-Servant, Saint-Suliac)

    • Guided tour of Saint-Malo

    • Guided tour of Mont-Saint-Michel

    • Guided tour of the Omaha Center and the Omaha cemetery

    • Guided tour of Honfleur

    • Bus tour of the main monuments of Paris (with a stop at the Eiffel Tower)

  • An information meeting and a pre-departure package to better prepare you.

  • A journey log of more than 100 pages in color.

The package does not include meals during free time and alcoholic beverages at certain meals, insurance, optional activities, participant's personal expenses, baggage allowances, and airline surcharges.

Don't miss out on this Acadian Ancestry Tour!  Email Cynthia today!


Prices Coming Soon

If you would like to be kept up do date on this tour, please fill out this form.

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